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In our last post we showed how to add a RSS feed from Feedburner to your blog to make it easier for your readers to subscribe to your blog and so that you could...


Voki speaking avatars are cool and lots of fun to create. They’re used to add a human element to their blogs or engage students. But they can be a bit pesky to embed in...


I’m frequently asked how to add images to blog sidebars — so I thought it would help to share my quick and easy cheats method. So what do you need to know to do...


This post is cross-posted from the Edublogs News blog. If you like what you read, please consider subscribing here. Did you know that the fastest and easiest way to add new features to...


New Theme Categories

What’s more, we’ve sorted all themes into categories to make it easier to find your next theme.Today we’re excited to announce we’ve rolled out many more new beautiful themes.

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